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wow is like the most expensive chat application ever

Anonymous said:
Are you homophobic?



No not at all. I’m don’t ‘support’ the lifestyle, but I don’t hate them, or discriminate against them. Jesus still loves them, so I do too.

the christian way to say you’re homophobic.

100% winrate with sona

im the best

Riften - The Ragged Flagon
before and after coloring
Order of the Lotus Karma  
Ionia speaks through me. - League of Legends

mythology meme:  [4/6] creatures or beings

↳ Angels

In Christian tradition, angels are divine creatures created for a single purpose – to love and serve God. Biblical angels are fearsome beings, divided into nine heavenly choirs; from highest to lowest, the order reads as follows: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.

Fallen angels are often described as devils or demons, the leader of whom is an entity once known as the Morning Star, God’s most beloved angel – Lucifer.


omg no yrel is such a mary sue??? how could she ever even possibly put an axe in big strong mighty macho man Blackhand orc it is impossible??? maybe only because it was duroCHAN’s axe lol how she even wield the axe, with a bap? bapples?? lady doing th ings is not right! Mary STEW, mary sue got all her powers from REAL HEOR HERO GUY VELEN is such MARY SUE writers are just trying to make characvter more importan t than she is suppsed to be to APPeASE THE FEM ILLUMINATI MARY SUES ARE BAD CHARACTERS


Nana and Lee Soo Hyuk for NYLON ♥